Optical and electron microscopy


Optical microscopy analysis:

The laboratory has an optical microscope for magnifications up to 1000x and equipped with a software for the elaboration and the analysis of the images:

  • Identification and measurements of the decarburization depth
  • Evaluation of the thickness of hardened surface coatings
  • Determination of the average grain size
  • Determination of the main content of a phase
  • Evaluation of the distribution of non-metallic inclusions
  • Determination of the dimensions of porosity and their classification
  • Determination of the dimensions of dendrites (DAS and SDAS)
  • Evaluation of the pitting depth
  • Classification of cast irons according their microstructure
  • Qualitative visive examinations, both micrographic and macrographic


Electron Microscopy analysis:

The laboratory has a 30 keV Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), with a wide specimen chamber (330x290x300)mm3. It is also equipped with an EDS probe and is capable to work in variable pressure mode. These characteristics allow:

  • Microstructural observations
  • Analysis of fracture surfaces
  • Semi-quantitative chemical analysis, with the EDS probe
  • Mapping
  • Recognition of particles and particulate